Wedding in Savoia Castle

Danna and Gareth’s wedding in Savoia Castle is on my list for today.
Danna’s parents are Czech but they live in England nearly for 40 years. So when it was about to choose a wedding location, Czech Republic was a must.

They chose Savoia Castle in Skvorec. Charming place with a huge garden. Their roots are Jewish so the ceremony was happening under the chuppah. And because the Savoia Castle has a Synagogue inside, the wedding reception was placed in there.

The wedding day was full of British humor and nice atmosphere. And I am happy I could join them.

venue: Savoia Castle

Wedding dress:Daisy’s Bridal UK

Wedding cake: Bake shop

Band: Tram 69

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Ledeburská garden wedding

Today I would love to share a few pictures of a young couple from Amsterdam which found their home in Prague.

Big wedding with all aspects I know from photographing weddings in the Netherlands. Pre-wedding dinner, big reception, and long and emotive ceremony. As a ceremony place, they chose one of the Prague Castle gardens – Ledeburská zahrada. Great place to welcome more than 100 guests with a magnificent overview of the Prague red rooftops.  The evening reception was held by Pražská křižovatka (Prague Crossroads) a church dedicated to our president Václav Havel who put this church back to life as a community and art center. Such a symbolic place to start a newlywed life in a new country.

ceremony venue: Ledeburska zahrada – palacove zahrady

reception venue:Prazska Krizovatka

catering: Maximum services

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After the Hong Kong wedding, where I carried all the heavy photography equipment on the long journey, I started to think about jumping on the Fuji train as many of my colleagues from all around the world did. Fuji is a new trend – Nordica photography, Van Middleton, Jonas Peterson. All the big names I follow started shooting with Fuji cameras. So I was wondering how it is.

The main reason why I am considering the switch is the weight and the size. As a woman, who recently had her spinal surgery, and especially as a traveling destination photographer weight and size are all that matters to me. 
At the end of April I got in touch with the amazing team from Fuji.cz and asked for a camera to test. They were very generous and gave me two bodies to test. Fujifilm X-Pro 2  with XF23 mm F2 lens, XF56 mm lens and two weaks later Fujifilm X-T2 with XF16 mm F1.4  lens and XF35mm F1.4

Both of these cameras are great. And if any of you started the photography with old film cameras, your heart will be filled with a little flame. The body construction look as from the old times. Setting the aperture on lens and time/iso on one rolling rear.
Easy like Sunday morning.
Both Fujis (or as I called them familiarly in Czech  Fujinky ) have dual slots for SD, so your files are backing up and you can feel safer about the pictures you are taking.
So how does it feel to be a Fuji photographer? Let’s start with X-Pro 2

tested on: weddings and engagement photography

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